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10 Must-Have Slides for Your Corporate Profile Presentation

10 must have slides for your corporate profile presentation

Whether you are a startup or a Fortune 500 company, you must have a distinguished company profile to make an unforgettable impression in front of the intended stakeholders. However, creating a company profile presentation afresh is indeed a tough row to hoe. You need to devote a lot of time and effort to identify the potential clients’ or investors’ profile, their expectations and needs, the presentation’s context and goal, and a lot more. But how about having a guideline that provides detailed information on what should be included in your company profile presentation? Does it make sense?

In this blog post, we have provided a list of 10 slides that you must incorporate in your company profile presentations to win new clients and customers and drive more investments to your business.

We have also provided the links to some pre-designed templates to save you precious time and effort. Take a look!

1. Vision and Mission Statement

Vision Mission Statement Slide

Provide the big picture of your organization to the stakeholders and let them know the reason for its existence by including a slide that illustrates your vision, mission, beliefs, and values. Provide them a glimpse of the desired future position of the company and your approach to reach the set objectives.

Useful Templates: Mission, Vision and Values, Mission, Vision, Values, And Belief

2. Company History

Business History Slide

Your company’s history serves as a beacon of trust and commitment to excellence for potential clients and customers. You can explain how your company stayed true to its founding values and moved ahead amidst several challenges, creating a new success history and honoring the trust bestowed by the customers. 

Useful Template: Business History, Timelines Collection

3. Growth and Development

Business Growth Slide

Showcase the growth stats of your business from inception to date through a graphical representation (timeline diagram). You can illustrate the development and growth in terms of increasing profitability, revenues, market share, customers, and business expansion through strategic decisions and partnerships.

Useful Templates: Business Growth Timeline, Business Growth Diagram

4. Problems and Solutions

Problem and Solution Slide

Before hopping on the products and services, first talk about the problems and pain points that the customers are experiencing. You can conduct qualitative research, surveys, or interviews to identify the problems and their root causes. Then, present your research through visually appealing slides. Also, represent your organization as a solution to not just one specific problem, but as a trusted partner to solve various other problems.

Useful Templates: Problem and Solution, Problem and Solution Jigsaw

5. Offerings (Products/Services)

Product Service Offering Slide

Demonstrate your products and services as the solutions to the pain points of the customers and clients, explaining the unique value propositions that make your offerings better than competitors’ offerings? A beautifully designed slide can help you provide gripping reasons why customers should choose your products/services, why clients should do business with you over others, or why investors should invest in your company.

Useful Template: Product Service Offering

6. Market Position

Market Position Slide

The information about your market position plays a crucial role in influencing the perceptions and establishing a unique brand image in the minds of your current and potential clients or customers. Thus, a slide about the awards/recognitions that your business has received, market share, and what sets you apart from competitors will be a great addition to your business presentation. 

Useful Template: Market Position

7. Client Portfolio & Testimonials

Client Testimonials Slide

According to statistics, 92% of buyers are more likely to buy after reading a trusted review. Needless to say, client testimonials and portfolio act as an endorsement for your products and services. So, represent the statements and quotes from satisfied customers, reviews and ratings, and customer experiences through a well-designed and aesthetically-pleasing slide and encourage the stakeholders to place their trust in you.

Useful Template: Client Testimonials, Business Portfolio

8. Leadership Team

Management Team Slide

Let the audience know that your organization is powered and backed by a powerful team that goes the extra mile to achieve breakthrough success for the customers and clients. Present their educational background, years of experience, and area of expertise to make the clients believe that they are going to work or partner with the right people who push the limits and continuously look for out-of-the-box ideas for doing things better than before.  

Useful Templates: Management Team, Meet Our Team

9. Case Studies

Case Study Slide

Instill a sense of credibility among your audience by demonstrating your real success stories through case studies. You can represent how your products and services have helped the renowned brands thrive in this highly-competitive digital era, thereby positioning your offerings as authoritative.

Useful Template: Case Study

10. Call to Action & Contact

Contact Information Slide

Your entire presentation is incomplete without a slide that illustrates what the audience is supposed to do next, such as making a purchase/investment decision, contacting you for more information, or getting something happening. Further, in order to shorten the contact process, you can provide your address, telephone number, and email in the last slide.

Useful Template: Contact Information Slide

Final Thoughts

Your corporate profile says a lot about your company. You can make a difference and compel the stakeholders to believe in your offerings even before they make a purchase or investment decision by introducing your organization through a visually impactful story depicting how it came into existence, where it wants to go, and how it will achieve the set objectives. By including the above-mentioned sides in your business and marketing presentations, you can convey the corporate culture and predominant values that lend the company its distinguished character.

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