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12 Visually Engaging Roadmap Templates to Ace Your Business Presentations

12 visually engaging roadmap templates to ace your business

Roadmapping helps you envision your business in an uncomplicated manner. It defines your present status and also displays the future aims and targets of your company. Be it a small startup or a big enterprise, every venture must have a roadmap that visually represents their strategies to achieve their targets.

Roadmaps can be of various types, each meant for a different purpose. We have sorted the top twelve roadmaps that will help you in your journey of attaining sustainable growth, along with their templates which you can edit, alter, and craft as per your requirement.

1. Product Roadmap

If you want to showcase your product’s journey from its initial stage of research, followed by the halfway process of trial and error and ultimately to its final launch, this template can give you a leg up in doing so.


Template –

2. Organizational Roadmap

These roadmaps showcase the performance of your team, important events, and the growth of your organization over time in a detailed manner. They are best suited for project managers, team leaders, executives, and department heads who can use them in their presentations to create visual engagement and higher audience interaction.

organizational roadmap

Template –

3. Digital Roadmap

In an era of digitalization, this template will help you draft a professional blueprint of your initiatives and goals, be it short or long-term, to accelerate the digital transformation journey. This can be used to provide a glimpse of your targets to your team members, prospect customers, and business partners.

digital roadmap

Template –

4. HR Roadmap

Every business must outline how its human resources would function in the next five years. This must include the hiring capacity of various departments, targets and goals, employee retention, etc. These templates can be used by HR professionals to illustrate their plans to the top management.

Template –

5. Learning Roadmap

Learning roadmaps provide a direction to achieve the learning goals. You can also depict the strategies to identify and fill the skills gap to make learning smooth. It increases individual productivity, keeps a check on the employees, and helps companies build motivated teams. It can also be used by teachers to illustrate the learning progress of students.

learning roadmap

Template –

6. Roadmap Puzzle

If you want your audience to stay hooked to your presentations and get your point easily, a Puzzle Roadmap can help you solve your purpose. These templates not only enhance the beauty of your slides, but also break down big pieces of information into smaller ones, making it easier for the viewers to comprehend.

roadmap puzzle.

Template –

7. Circular Roadmap

The best way to bring back the attention of your viewers is by using color-coordinated and intriguing graphics, and using circular roadmaps is a smart solution. Using these templates, you can represent the past and future events, deadlines of important projects, and much more. 

circular roadmap

Template –

8. Cyber Security Roadmap 

One of the most important tasks for every venture is to protect their systems and sensitive information from malware attacks. Thus, showcasing your cyber safety with other business goals can help you create a strong image of your organization in front of clients, investors, and other stakeholders. 

cybersecurity roadmap

Template –

9. Startup Roadmap 

Startups can use professionally designed roadmap templates to showcase their goals, targets, competitors, market analysis, and much more. Moreover, you can represent the entire startup journey – right from the formation of the venture to its operations, problems, solutions, growth, projected figures, and much more. These templates not only make your presentations look extremely polished but also increase your brand value before potential investors and clients.

startup roadmap

Template –

10. E-commerce Roadmap

This is a visual tool meant for communicating any company’s e-commerce goals and other associated aspects like marketing, designing, drop-shipping, etc. You can also illustrate monthly progress in different areas of e-commerce, quarterly performance, strategies to move ahead, and much more. 

ecommerce roadmap

Template –

11. Yearly Roadmaps

These roadmaps are a great choice for communicating essential goals with your team members, demonstrating annual profits and losses, showcasing accomplished and pending tasks, and conveying the timeframes of multiple projects. They can be used by team leaders, HODs, and senior executives.

year roadmap

Template –

12. Five Year Roadmap

It allows you to depict the growth and expansion of your business in the upcoming years. You can also use it to showcase project goals, strategic plans, marketing strategies, and much more for the next 5 years. Using these templates, you can represent your information in a visually impressive and easy-to-understand manner.

5 year roadmap

Template –


Crafting effective presentations is one of the most important tasks that all professionals are endowed upon. Thus, instead of wasting hours of precious time building such presentations from scratch, it is best to use pre-designed presentation templates that can be edited and customized easily. One of the key reasons for using these templates is that they are crafted by experienced designers who already know what would captivate your audience. 

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