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20 Best Things on Internet to Help You Become a Presentation Design Hero

20 best things on internet to help you become a presentation design hero

None of us knows of a certain defined way to create perfect presentation and design what is actually desired. We all are just trying to find out new ways to become a presentation hero in our own hard working way. We follow tips from experts and go for a tried and tested formula even when we are trying to be original about it. What we learn and find useful we opt for it and there is nothing wrong in doing so as I stated that there is no certain patent formula to create a great presentation design.

Creating a heroic presentation needs a hero to present it and that is why the presenter should practice all the skills required for the job. For instance, we go to a seminar, hear a lot about it in the city and when we attend the session, though filled with exclusively designed PowerPoint slides, animations etc. the presentation seems boring. This is only because the presenter got a greatly designed presentation but failed to communicate it. Then what’s the point. That’s why I always advice to become your own presentation. Only practice, creativity and balanced amount of all skills can make you hero not mere the slides.

We all know the basic tips that every expert narrates on how to create a great presentation but how many people are benefited by that? No count! People who are curious to learn more new things and want to grow as a presenter can only incorporate those tips which seem easy when you say them but actually practicing them is not everyone’s cup of tea. Hence only determined, hardworking, creative and confident people can include expert tips, practice them in their own way and do even better than experts sometimes. I am saying all this as I have compiled a list of 20 best things online in the field of presentation and only the determined one can know benefits of these tips.

Wanna be a presentation Hero? Join me….

  1. Start with getting inspired, read “Beyond Bullet Points” – by Cliff Atckinson
  2. A good read, “Speaking PowerPoint: The New Language of Business” – by Bruce. R. Gabrielle
  3. Read, to become design pro, “Presentation Zen Design” – by Garr Reynolds
  4. For effective slide design, read “Slidology” – by Nancy Duarte
  5. And you can’t miss getting hands on this one, read & keep “The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs” – by Carmine Gallo
  6. Join online courses, best of them. Like “PowerPoint: From Outline to Presentation” – by Richard Harrington at Lynda.com
  7. Indulge yourself in this video to learn more and more, watch “Instructional Design Essentials: Storyboarding” by – Daniel Brigham at Lynda.com
  8. Whether you are a worker in an office or a teacher, show in your presentation skills by regularly presenting at your own premise among your colleagues or students. This will help you enhance your confidence and will make you stage friendly. Educate them with what you know and what you have learn.
  9. Have you ever tried SlideShare? If not you should do so soon. Share your presentation on SlideShare, upload it and research other presentations. SlideShare is the best PPT sharing platform. You will get honest feedback there and you can prepare well & better your presentation for next time.
  10. You can also be a pro in designing presentations. As we all know that sharing your knowledge will only enhance it. So teach & train your colleagues or students to explore the possibilities of the impact of a well-designed presentation.
  11. To gain more motivational energy and develop with the new trends you should participate in presentation contests across the globe. Win some prizes and do better.
  12. Another way to learn more on self-confidence & motivation, watch or attend a great presentation, don’t just watch, observe everything about the speaker and presentation.
  13. Why restrict yourself to PowerPoint, though it’s the best platform in the market still try to learn some other presentation software too like GoAnimate, Prezi, SlideRocket and more.
  14. If you are more into proving your point with lots of examples than it will be easy for you to learn and understand the importance of Story Telling. Include story telling in your overall presentation with proper graphics.
  15. It’s possible that your boss needs to make a presentation but has no time to prepare it, take the job voluntarily. Make a presentation for him and you can expect a bonus!
  16. Never take your feet back in redesigning a presentation whether made by you or anyone else. Always be ready to redesign a presentation. There is always more to learn.
  17. Keep yourself in constant contact of presentations, how to do it, how to improve etc. Keep reading those informative blogs and participate in online discussions.
  18. How about giving blogging a chance? Create your own blog and share your presentation design tactics.
  19. Believe in your creativity, customize your presentation. Don’t just rely on regular templates. Make your own.
  20. Kindly use the latest versions of the platform you are using for your presentation. Keep yourself updated, don’t fall behind.

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