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9 Ways to Drive Growth with Webinars

9 ways to drive growth with webinar

Webinars are considered a socially leading platform for professional individuals to share their ideas and marketing plans with a large audience, ensuring their message is delivered effectively and engagingly. Marketing webinars are essential for generating leads and selling B2B (business-to-business) at scale, making it a strategic plan that many business owners use. One should look upon many elements while planning a webinar to be effective and engaging for the audience. After surveying the webinar audience, approximately 48% of attendees said that the session was less interesting and poorly organized.

These 9 tips are gathered from the experiences of many professional individuals who have successfully carried out their webinar sessions over the years.

1. Present your idea with an interesting topic

Often webinar sessions are considered dull from the audience’s perspective, resulting in more absences during your session. If the audience can not relate to your topic or understand the purpose behind your webinar, they can not anticipate the great possibilities and information it offers. Using a topic that draws your target audience’s attention is a good way to start. A topic that is purposely chosen to support your message or campaign has the strength to bind and convenience your audience effectively. Using the topics or headlines that appeal to the intellectual reasoning of your audience helps bring a sense of knowledge gaining for most attendees. If presented using online platforms and planning to promote your existing work, you can use search engine optimization keywords in your topic to maximize engagement. 

2. Optimize the frequency with which you call out your audience

Organizing webinar sessions frequently does not mean it will help you in gaining maximum reach. Webinar sessions have a great power to influence the audience’s perception. Thus it is used by companies or marketing teams for promotional purposes as well as for driving business growth. However, a webinar that is presented as a sales pitch and is presented more frequently can drive away your prospective clients, as they might not find value and quality for attending your session. So it is better to optimize the number of webinar sessions and design them with value-adding quality content.

3. Let the slides create an immersive and informative experience

Whether you address your audience using online platforms or directly, delivering your idea through speech brings a gap between perceiving and following the information flow. You can easily overcome this gap using stunning visual elements and infographics in the presentation slides that go in sync with your speech to help your audience validate and visualize the concept. Thus, making your sessions more engaging and informative for the viewers.

4. Choose the promotional platforms based on your target audience

A common practice observed by most webinar organizers is that they use varied social media channels and touch points to get maximum viewers reach without filtering or focusing their promotions based on their target audience. A technical-based webinar would be of interest to individuals working on similar grounds. Choosing social media platforms where the traffic is mostly specific to lifestyle and interaction would be less beneficial than the platforms used to promote the achievements and advancements by varied professional individuals. Promotions carried out on the ground that appeal to relevant viewers will help you provide a  better viewer-to-attendee conversion rate.

5. Use A/B testing method for designing your webinar sessions

Some webinars have a great concept to offer but are poorly executed, making the attendees lose interest or not properly grasp the message. By using A/B testing, you can use the benefits of the randomized experimentation process, where you can devise multiple versions of the same webinar and figure out which version helps get your message more effectively among your target audience.

6. Don’t Just Speak, Interact! 

When you have an interesting topic that holds many elements that need to be discussed or promising products that need to be promoted with all the details, then sharing all the information verbally along with a presentation will not do the trick. These sessions tend to last for longer durations where your audience can lose interest or focus. Keeping them engaged and making it easy for them to understand the message, you need to make your session more interactive and filled with activities or real-life examples that can help them gain experience and a positive perspective against the topic.

7. Give the Non-Attendees a new chance

In some scenarios, where interested individuals register for your webinar but don’t attend the session, it can make you consider them as a false lead. However, you should reach out to them and figure out the difficulties they faced or the reason behind the change of interest. This can help you easily evaluate your promotional techniques or find the factors that can be used as filters on your target audience before promoting. The time saved in promotions can be a great sign for attracting prospective leads.

8. Have a Winner’s Attitude

Webinars can be used for various purposes like promotional, sharing marketing plans, educational, and many more; how you present it makes the difference, and this can influence the rate of growth you achieve from webinars. Just like any winner, you would need to practice your delivery skills before any session. With confidence and practice, you will not pace through your speech or interactions, thus avoiding any confusion related to speech clarity caused due to nervousness. You will get to know where you need to bring more pause and focus during the session.

9. Go through other webinars

It is often observed that when you are the critique, you can better pick out points that grab your attention and are shared in a unique way. Reviewing webinar content of other experienced professionals can also help you gain an insight into different ways to capture your audience’s attention and learn new ways of driving them to call-to-action that offer better results. This is also an effective method of understanding what information is readily and regularly shared with the audience so that you can bring something unique to your presentation.


Webinars have shown promising results when it comes to lead generation. As a business person or marketing manager, you can use different means to bring your A-Game while presenting a webinar for the targeted audience. You need to understand what topics catch your audience’s attention or review sessions of other professionals who have successfully conveyed their message. While keeping your calm, practice your delivery skills and adopt the A/B testing method to identify what helps you communicate your idea easily. Keep your slides visually pleasing and find more means to interact with the audience so that they can absorb information even with your small interactions. You should also check up on the non-attendees to get a better understanding of finding prospective leads using the right social media platform based on the target audience.

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