Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Presentation Design

Presentation Design

Visual Presentations: 5 Mistakes to Avoid at all Costs

If the visual presentations that accompany more than 90 percent of the world’s speeches could be dismantled and crushed into tiny pills for insomniacs, every continent would be full of well-rested people. Sadly, we continue to blame the tools, not the carpenters. We say PowerPoint is boring, Prezi is no...
Find and Select Free Photos
Presentation Design

How to Find and Select Great Free Photos for Your Presentation

Photos add emphasis and excitement to your presentations. When put in context with your word messages, they underline key points and deliver them with emotional punches. When looking through the many sources of copyright-free photo sites available on the Internet, it is important not to get carried away with quantity...
Slide Design Tips for Non-Designers
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10 Actionable Slide Design Tips for Non-Designers

Any person with basic computer skills can create professional-looking slides for their presentations if they adopt a strategy of audience first. The secret of great slide design isn’t merely an aptitude for design and years of training, though undeniably, both of those help. But if you don’t have that, you...
Design Tips
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Design Tips for Beautiful Presentations

A presentation plays an important role in both business and education, considering how it can boost our retention. When we read something, we retain approximately 20% of the material, however, when videos, images, and audio feed are involved, the amount of retained information rises up to 60% and even higher....
Memorable Slides
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How to Make Your Slides Memorable

A study shows that on the average - no matter how many slides you use in a presentation - the audience is going to remember only four of them, though they may have some vague memories of a few others. Four slides, you may think! That’s ridiculous. Maybe so, but...
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