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How to Edit Theme Builder (Master Slides) and Layouts in Google Slides 

How to Edit Theme Builder (Master Slides) and Layouts in Google Slides

The Theme Builder (earlier known as Master Slides) in Google Slides controls the style and the overall structure of every slide in the presentation. This feature allows the users to standardize specific visual aspects or design of their presentation easily. Every Google Slides presentation has Theme Builder, which helps save time by applying the changes made to all the other slides. So, instead of rearranging placeholders and customizing the text or background individually on each slide, you can simply change the “master” of the entire presentation. 

In this tutorial, you will learn how to edit Theme Builder and layouts in Google Slides with just a few clicks. So, let’s dive in!

Step 1 – Head over to your Google Slides presentation.
Step 2 – Click the View menu on the toolbar and select Theme Builder.

Theme builder in Google slides

Step 3 – Step 2 will open the Theme Builder box with all the available layouts. Click on the Theme thumbnail to change the format or bullet/number order.

Theme Builder Theme option in Google Slides

Step 4 – Below the Theme, click on any thumbnail Layouts to make the required changes to any of the layouts for the presentation.

Theme Builder Layouts option in Google Slides

Step 5 – After finishing, click X on the right-hand corner of the Google Slides Theme Builder window. 

Closing Theme Builder Option in Google Slides

Stay tuned for more tutorials!

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