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How to Make a Good Sales Pitch

Sales Pitch

Making a pitch isn’t the same as it used to be – you aren’t supposed just to throw some general information at your customer. Today, it is more of a presentation that includes a conversation with your customers. It is all about the first impression and the impact of your speech. You need to come up with something original that will leave a lasting impression on the audience i.e. customers.

The huge role plays the way you present your product or company which includes intonation, body gestures, and face expressions; however, the whole script should be carefully written and practiced. Here are five tips on how to create concise pitch, which will have a huge impact on your customers.

Thoroughly research the customers’ needs

Somebody certainly tried to sell you something, and two things that you’ve probably noticed are that the person learned the script by heart, and that he or she hasn’t presented you with any problem that concerns you. What the person did, is present the product just from their angle, and that the little speech is the same for all customers. Therefore, you need to do a good amount of research on the client’s company and their industry, because you have to know what they do in order to find out how you can be useful to them, and why you are necessary part of their business. The research will help you ask the right questions at the beginning, and you’ll avoid talking in general. Moreover, it will help you learn what aspects of your product you need to point out in order to get their attention.

The biggest mistake is having the same speech for all customers, because none of the customers are the same, and they don’t need the same things. So, do thorough research on every customer and you’ll certainly seal the deal.

What matters most – what you say or how you say it?

If an actor recites Shakespeare’s lines badly, then the timeless lines won’t matter. Because of the actor’s poor performance, a work of art is ruined. Great content and perfect delivery should go hand in hand. Therefore, you need to create great content, which involves using well-constructed sentences and an advanced vocabulary. When you have written your pitch, you need to practice it. You can call some friends and practice the presentation in front of that group, but the best way to bring your sales pitch to perfection is to record yourself, and then call your friends and practice with them. This way you can practice going through the entire meeting, which will help you stay calm during the real thing.

Pay attention to your intonation, body gestures and facial expression. You need to look friendly and convincing when you are presenting; this way you will make your customers listen to you. Moreover, by delivering the presentation properly, you will have more chances of closing the deal.

Empathy is a key to success in sales: ask the right questions and listen

In order to be able to sell your product, you need to be empathetic and understand your buyers’ problems. Prepare some questions in advance, and improvise as the situation flows. You will look like you are going off the script and honestly talking about the main points. Try to focus on their objectives and yours in order to achieve the best results. Listen carefully in order to know what to ask. Understand the problem and offer them a solution to that problem. However, remember that only a good solution to the problem can be sold – so, don’t lie and pretend, but try to really understand your customer and sell them a real solution.

Don’t run from objections, but give a proper answer

Many people don’t prepare answers for the possible objections and then get confused when they are supposed to answer. Try to think of the objections and criticisms, and come up with a concise answer. This way, even if someone brings up some concerns, you will be able to answer very easily. Most of them are usually regarding the budget, needs and time. Put yourself in their shoes and write down all the possible objections.

When thinking of this, have your competition in mind as well, because customers will certainly compare you to them. Don’t be afraid of these situations, but look forward to giving them the best answer.

If you succeed in selling your product, make sure you ask for referrals, which are nicely composed, i.e. they include introduction about the customer. According to these referrals you will be able to create a better pitch for the next meeting or a presentation, and the potential customers will be more confident about your product. In sales you will hear a lot of no’s, but be sure that it’s not about the quality of your pitch and presentation – it’s just the part of the job. So, don’t let a few rejections discourage you, but let them be your motivation.

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