Presentation Tips

101 tips to deliver an effective presentation
Presentation Tips

101 Tips to Deliver an Effective Presentation

Over the years, a lot has been said and told about Presentation Skills and since then the aspirants are on the quest of “How to be a perfect presenter”, but nothing strikes my head more than the thought of how some people actually do it the way it should be....
Humour in a Presentation
Presentation Tips

How to Add Humor to Your Presentation?

No matter how serious is the subject, the audience is present only to find your presentation interesting and have definitely come to enjoy the time they are spending listening to you. Should you be able to add a little bit of humor and make them laugh or even smile; your...
how to avoid presentation disasters
Presentation Tips

How to Avoid Presentation Disasters?

PowerPoint presentation is considered the best medium to present what you have to explain, in a creative way. We try to put in a lot of effort into our public speaking instead we should feel easy as the PowerPoint Slides are used to assist you during your speech and make...
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