Presentation Tips

6 simple tips for a great presentation
Presentation Tips

6 Simple Tips for a Great Presentation

# Tip 1 When a friend’s daughter became angry with her parents, her response was always the same: “Well, forget you.” Though I’m sure she never realized it, this was great advice for a person giving a presentation. Forget you! It’s like when you’re really interested in doing something and...
7 trends to make your presentation pop
Presentation Tips

Seven Trends to Make Your Presentation Pop

We can all envision it—the old-school presenter standing behind a podium in front of a sleepy audience reading a PowerPoint slideshow in a monotone voice. “15% of respondents stated that they would be more likely to…” ZZZZZZ There’s a reason why that style of presenting doesn’t work anymore. It’s boring,...
tips for preparing a short presentation
Presentation Tips

Tips for Preparing a Short Presentation

Former U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt once said: “Be sincere; be brief; be seated.” This is excellent advice for a speaker, especially one who is giving a short presentation. Yet, as many people have remarked, preparing for a short presentation is most often more difficult than preparing for a longer...
6 tips for preparing a last minute presentation
Presentation Tips

6 Tips for Preparing a Last Minute Presentation

A while back I was sitting in my living room when phone rang. “I need help,” a voice at the other end said. “What kind of help?” I asked. “Our speaker just canceled. And the meeting’s tomorrow morning. Can you please take his place?” “Tomorrow morning!” “At ten. If you...
preparation the key to a successful presentation
Presentation Tips

Preparation: The Key to a Successful Presentation

How can you make your next presentation as successful as possible? The following steps certainly can help. Consider: 1. Why are you giving this presentation? There’s a reason it’s you and no one else who is giving this speech. Why? Did you volunteer? Were you asked? Are you an expert...
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