Presentation Tips

Student Presentation
Presentation Tips

7 Presentation Tips to Help Students Win Big

Giving a presentation is anxious enough as an adult, but when you are a young person, it can be incredibly challenging. Seasoned presenters have the experience and strategies to help them cope, and even THEY can still get nervous before a presentation. So, imagine the level of intimidation students feel...
Speaking Style
Presentation Tips

How Your Speaking Style Can Enhance Your Personal Brand

In today’s ever-changing and increasingly-competitive business landscape, it’s no longer enough to define your company’s brand, you’ve got to also develop your own personal brand. Beyond staying ahead of the pack, there are other reasons you should work on your personal brand: Establish Your Credibility Your personal brand is your...
Presenting to International audience
Presentation Tips

Tips for Presenting to an International Audience

If you are a business owner or professional, you’ve probably been asked on one or more occasions to give a presentation.Often these speeches are for internal purposes and presented to others within your organization. But sometimes you may be asked to speak to others outside of your group. Sometimes you...
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