Presentation Tips

Public Speaking for Career Growth
Presentation Tips

Want to Advance Your Career? Then Develop Your Public Speaking Skills with These 6 Tips

If you’re like the majority of people, you would rather sit next to a rattle snake on a transatlantic flight in a thunderstorm than get up in front of people and give a speech. That’s right, most people fear public speaking more than snakes or flying. Other people aren’t afraid...
Presenting to International audience
Presentation Tips

Tips for Presenting to an International Audience

If you are a business owner or professional, you’ve probably been asked on one or more occasions to give a presentation.Often these speeches are for internal purposes and presented to others within your organization. But sometimes you may be asked to speak to others outside of your group. Sometimes you...
Video Presentation
Presentation Tips

How to Deliver a Great Video Presentation

Unless you’ve been living in a secluded Tibetan monastery high atop a Himalayan ridge, you probably know that video is a hot new online trend. From vlogging to online video workshops, skype to Youtube, Periscope to videoconferencing, there is no escaping the power of video. Did you know that:  92%...
Political debate tips
Presentation Tips

7 Rules for Winning a Political Debate

Politics have been debated since human beings formed speech. Whether at the Grecian Assembly or the Roman Forum or the salons of France and Colonial America, societies have always found value in being able to civilly discuss the political issues of the day. But no matter the place or time...
Presentation Skills in the Workplace
Presentation Tips

The Importance of Presentation Skills in the Workplace

For most people, public speaking is akin to visiting the dentist: it’s unavoidable, though avoidance is preferable. But, though you may feel your heartbeat quicken at the mere idea of giving a presentation, it’s important that you acquire and hone these speaking skills. Delivering presentations is no longer reserved for...
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