Thursday, November 18, 2021

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9 ways to drive growth with webinar
BusinessPresentation Tips

9 Ways to Drive Growth with Webinars

Webinars are considered a socially leading platform for professional individuals to share their ideas and marketing plans with a large audience, ensuring their message is delivered effectively and engagingly. Marketing webinars are essential for generating leads and selling B2B (business-to-business) at scale, making it a strategic plan that many business...
8 essential skills for a successful zoom presentation
Presentation Tips

8 Essential Skills for a Successful Zoom Presentation

Giving Zoom presentations is just as challenging as making a real-life pitch in the office. Capturing your audience’s attention is even harder, given that they can turn off their screens – and focus on something instead. Despite these predicaments, you can still ace your virtual pitch. It's all about acquiring...
ways to crush your remote sales presentations.png
Presentation Tips

6 Ways to Crush Your Remote Sales Presentations

As a salesperson, you must be used to giving presentations. But in this pandemic-led ‘work from home’ scenario, it’s a little harder to sustain your remote audience’s interest. After all, research shows that people's attention doesn't go beyond the 10/15-minute mark. The good news is you can crush your sales...
5 ways to help your employees ace the presentations
Presentation Tips

5 Ways to Help Your Employees Ace the Presentations

Let us consider a snippet- you start a company with twenty people and gradually scale it up. Ten years later, when you step into an enormous global market, you realize that your workers aren’t capable enough to face the competition that exists, resulting in losses and failed deals, whereas they...
4 tips to present like a pro over video conference
Presentation Tips

4 Tips to Present Like a Pro Over Video Conference

With the outbreak of Covid-19, the global business has got considerably affected in the last few months. The ban on travel during global lockdown made virtual meetings more of a necessity than a convenience. As they say, every problem has an opportunity; video conferencing has emerged as a business savior...
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