Presentation Tips

Gestures and Body Language
Presentation Tips

How to Use Your Body and Gestures Effectively When Presenting

You may spend hours writing and practicing your presentations and creating clever visual aids to support your speaking appearances and win over your audiences. But the most powerful aide you have is something far less contrived. It is simply your body and the way it moves and the authentic messages...
Public Speaking Rules
Presentation Tips

7 Unspoken Rules of Successful Public Speaking

  Everyone has opinions on how to develop and deliver an engaging speech. And while many public speakers share some great tips, the majority leave out some hidden but powerful rules of successful public speaking. If you really want to be an effective and successful public speaker, you’ll need to...
Public Speaking for Leadership
Presentation Tips

Why Public Speaking is Important for Leadership

  When we think about leadership, we usually picture political leaders who stand at podiums rallying crowds to support their causes; or athletes who spur their team to push their limits and try harder; or executives who develop strategies to help their colleagues edge out the competition. Leaders wear many...
First Time Presenter
Presentation Tips

Simple Presentation Ideas for First-Time Presenters

  You’ve studied hard, achieved expertise in your field, and are building a solid reputation for yourself and your innovative ideas. The one thing you haven’t done is achieved a comfort level in public speaking. Now you’ve been asked to be a presenter at an upcoming event. You want to...
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