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visual recruiting how can it help get the best talent onboard
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Visual Recruiting: How can it Help get the Best Talent Onboard?

Recruitment seems to be an easy undertaking to most of us. We hold a misconception that the labor market is just like a supermarket where the HR needs to walk in, scrutinize the candidates available on the shelves, and choose the best one. But the reality is far different than...
4 reasons why visuals are the power boosters for elearning courses blog banner
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4 Reasons Why Visuals are the Power Boosters for eLearning Courses

In today’s digital era, visualization has become an integral part of learning and education. Visuals are the most comprehensive communication language that learners from different cultural backgrounds can easily and quickly understand. And if we talk about online courses, visuals are undoubtedly the soul of eLearning. However, visuals can’t replace...