3D Plates (Pedestal)

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3D Plates (Pedestal)

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Download our innovatively designed 3D Plates (Pedestal) PPT template to visualize the complex text in a more meaningful and structured way. Presenters from different domains can uplift their presentation’s look and maximize audience engagement by using high-definition graphics. HR managers can capitalize on the eye-catching visuals to display the male and female ratio in the workplace. Sales and marketing experts can illustrate their customers from different segments.

Industrial trainers can make the best of these visuals to highlight the impact of a leader on his teammates and organizational performance. Moreover, plate infographics can also be used to depict the key elements, components, features, and steps of a concept, framework, strategy, etc.

PowerPoint Slides with Aesthetic Illustrations

  • Using three interconnected plate infographics with female and male silhouettes, you can showcase the male and female ratio at the workplace, target customers, etc.
  • Several plate illustrations with serial numbers can be used to illustrate the stepwise process.
  • In the other slides, some plate illustrations are placed in a manner that they form a cylindrical shape. You can leverage them to exhibit the multi-faceted concepts and the comparison between two strategies, frameworks, and more.

The deck also has various other striking illustrations that can be used in any existing or future presentations to make them more appealing. Additionally, the slides have enough space for text insertion. You can use them to add your information without encountering restrictions.


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