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Occupying an important place as a performance improvement standard, it is used in identifying which of the seven elements needs to be aligned for your business success. Whether you are looking forward to restructuring the hierarchical set up of your company or starting up with newer processes; introducing new systems or getting into organizational acquisition or a merger; or it is simply a change of leadership or evaluation of the skill sets and competencies of your staff. In each of the situation, you are to put forward your propositions to your colleagues, seniors or the sub-workers through presentations and this is exactly where, ready to use slides make it easier and more systematized for you to deliver your points.

With easily editable 7S Framework diagrams, charts and visual PowerPoint slides displaying all the seven elements - Strategy, Structure, Systems, Style, Staff, Skills and Shared Values, you will find it far easier to explain the analysis of the current situation and the prospective future situation of your business set up, the inconsistencies between them and the methods to remove those inconsistencies. Your entire focus will be on what your propositions are or what ideas you have evolved or what ideas you are going to deliver and you will no more have to exhaust yourself in deciding right graphic designing or creating a suitable visual aid.

You simply have to choose a slide that best suits your purpose when you have a really large variety of them available to you. Custom-made PowerPoint template designed by a team of professionals comprising of various shapes, symbols, tools; option to edit the colors, fonts, backgrounds, themes and text; presence of convenient placeholder for the text; and most trailblazing designing format that gives newness to otherwise boring graphics give you more flexibility to mold your visuals just the way you want and leave a long lasting impression on your audiences through your presentation that conveys your message well.

About 7S Model

7S Model is one of the popular frameworks for checking the organizational effectiveness. It was developed in early 1980s by Tom Peters and Robert Waterman, who then worked as consultants, at McKinsey & Company Consulting Firm, thus, it is often known as McKinsey 7S Model.

Consisting of 7 interdependent elements divided into two categories - Hard: Strategy, Structure, Systems and Soft: Shared Values, Skills, Style, and Staff. This framework works on the central idea that an organization can perform well only if all these seven elements are properly aligned and reinforcing each of them mutually. It is useful in almost every business field where alignment perspective needs to be followed.

Starting from improving the company performance, examining the possible effects of the changes introduced within a company in the future, to the aligning of various departments and processes in case of a company acquisition or merger, evaluating the usefulness of implementation of a suggested strategy; and so on, this model works in variety of areas in improving the effectiveness of an organization.

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