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Our Balkan States PowerPoint template is focused on the region which comprises of 7 nations in particular. The template set has 15 editable PPT slides which are enough to explain any topic related to the region in detail. The set has maps of the collective region in all its slides.

You can explore the Balkan states in detail with our colorful graphics and text. Focus upon one country at once by highlighting different countries in different slides and elaborating relevant facts and information about them to your audience. If you are required to present any statistics respective to the region, we have slides for such purposes as well. You can discuss travel routes and explain the planning and schedule to trips and tours throughout these nations. The possibilities of imagination and use for this template are endless.

Sample text boxes have been used as placeholders in the set so as to give you an idea about where text should be placed in the presentation to make it look more attractive and engaging. This set is a complete package for crafting a presentation for a topic related to Balkan countries.


Balkan States is a group of 7 countries namely Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia and Albania. These states are situated in Southeast Europe and the name of this region comes from the Balkan Mountains which stretch through this area. This area bears historical importance because it became a link between Europe and Middle East and farming was learnt by the people of Europe. This region mostly features mountain ranges and scenic landscapes. The region collectively have a population of around 40-50 million people and houses some of the most beautiful travel destinations to visit.

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