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BCG Matrix PowerPoint and Google Slides Template

BCG Matrix PowerPoint and Google Slides Template

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Much used as a strategic model, your business presentation may often require you to include BCG Matrix. Understanding its importance and your requirement, we offer you pre-designed PowerPoint template.Completely customizable and easy to use, creating effective visuals take just a couple of minutes.

This template set consists of 11 editable PPT Slides. Constructed using impressive colors and designed after much research and experimentation, we offer you most outstanding graphics and versatile designs. You can incorporate them into your presentation just the way you want. Being extremely flexible, you can use them regardless of what your subject matter is up to. Starting from regular marketing and planning analysis to the comparison of market growth and share of your product lines with those of your competitors, this template always has an option for you.

As the slides are vector based, editing is a real breeze. From changing the colors to modifying the graphic elements such as image size and shape and the text typeface, everything is super easy. You no more have to spend extra hours for creating perfect visuals. You are but always perfect. Yes, even with the least amount of time spent!

What you have is a perfect amalgamation of tech and art making it exciting and effortless to convey your message. Whether the managing director of your company wants to know where to invest or your team needs to understand what is liquidating, you will always be shooting it right! From now on, all your hard-work will be on content and verbal delivery. Say good bye to designing headaches and deliver a rocking presentation ever!

About BCG Matrix

BCG-matrix aka Growth-Share matrix is a kind of diagram developed by Bruce D. Henderson in 1970 for Boston Consulting Group, which is why its name contains the letters "BCG", the shortened form of the company name. It can be defined as a portfolio planning model based on product life cycle theory. It is best used for analyzing the product or services that a corporate is offering or planning to offer.

It is an effective analytical tool that helps in evaluating various business areas such as product management, portfolio analysis, brand marketing and strategic management. It uses a scatter plot graph for ranking various units within a corporation according to their growth rates, market share and positive or negative cash flow that they involve. In using this concept, the units are categorized as stars, cash cows, dogs or question marks.

Stars represent high market share and high growth. Cash cows are for high market share but slow growth. However, these are the units from where the companies make profit. Question mark types are for those with low market share but high growth. Finally, dogs or pets stand for low market share with slow growth and are often the candidates for divestiture.

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