Blue Ocean Strategy PowerPoint and Google Slides Template

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Blue Ocean Strategy PowerPoint and Google Slides Template

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In times of neck-breaking competition, the potential market space for any business undertaking is nominal and the battle is getting tougher every day with each new addition of similar products or services. It is time for thinking really out-of-the-box and persistently striving for reaching beyond the existing demand by creating newer products and services that are truly innovative and this is where you will need effective presentation to let your team or others in your undertaking to know about the importance of being bespoke.

Market is in need of unknown industries capable of making competition irrelevant. Whatever industry you are from and whatever product or service you provide the world with, you will always be in need of adding innovation to your products or services or soon the cutthroat competition will dissolve you completely.

This innovativeness can be in the form of introducing an entirely new product range or adding newer features to what you are already selling. The concept of being different, being new, and being useful does not just stand at the production level of what you are creating and selling but at various different levels. So, to whichever industry you belong, and at whichever level you stand, you will need to reach your concepts to your audiences in the form of your bosses, business delegates, team-mates, co-workers, or the customers and clients.

And in this conveyance of the concepts, visual supports play a vital role. Whether you are at the conceptualization level or at the execution level or at the final production or at the marketing or advertising level where you are to introduce your ideas and thoughts, visualization will be important to take your message to your audiences the right way.

With pre-designed Blue Ocean Strategy PowerPoint template, you will simply have to choose what suits your purpose the best and conveys your messages most conveniently. A slight tweaking with the graphic designing elements and a little modification of font size, color, shapes and background will create most spectacular slides. With complete customization option, you will not have to make a lot of efforts for creating right visual aids and within no time, you will be ready with most engaging presentation leaving your audiences spell bound.

About Blue Ocean Strategy

Blue Ocean is a term used for uncontested market space compared to the red ocean that stands for the market space badly contested by battling competitors according to W. Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne, professors at INSEAD, France. They are the authors of the book "Blue Ocean Strategy: How to Create Uncontested Market Space and Make Competition Irrelevant." This strategy revolves round establishing unknown industries or innovative ideas that will lessen the competition by creating and capturing newer demands.

It offers 6 main principles out of which 4 are related to formulation and 2 are related to evaluation. These include: reconstructing market boundaries, focusing on the bigger picture and not on the numbers, reaching beyond the existing demand, getting the strategic sequence right, overcoming key organizational hindrances, and turning execution into strategy.

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