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Bowman's Strategy Clock

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Amaze your audience with our pre-designed professionally made Bowman's Strategy Clock PowerPoint Template. The template set consists of 10 editable PPT Slides. The slides on the set will not just let you create visuals of your presentation. You can also use them for creating an entire Bowman's Clock Diagram for your company. You can visualize the cost, product differentiation and market segment using the template. This then gives you a better way to evaluate how your company is performing and where exactly it is standing against its rivals.

Highlighting the different segments of the clock to clarify each of the aspects is such a breeze with the template. With our completely editable and pre-formatted template you can easily illustrate your message. It hardly takes any time and you don't have to do anything from the scratch. The designing elements are completely in your hands. You can change the color, font style and background with total ease. You don't just save time but also your efforts. And the result is terrific as you communicate most attractively!

There are individual slides on the set for all 8 strategies of the concept. So, you can emphasize any of the points in most effective manner. Adjust these into your visuals most elegantly and convey your message well. Adding your content is equally easy. Simply copy pasting your text into the text placement box will be enough. For every presentation, howsoever important or difficult it may be, you will be done with the visuals in a couple of minutes! So, focus more on what to speak, while we are focusing on what to display and how to illustrate. You will surely be a show stealer!


Bowman's Strategy Clock is a popular model for analyzing the competitiveness of a business compared to its competitors. It is a great way of evaluating the performance of your company compared to your rivals. The clock in the concept displayed along with perceived value and price, where value can be anything from high, mediocre and low. It helps you analyze the cost and differentiation advantage of your business.

The concept follows 8 different strategies that comprise of:-

Low Price - Low Value: In this, inferior products with lower price are used for attracting the customers.

Low Price: Here product is offered at lowest possible price and the profit is based on high volume sale.

Hybrid Positioning: In this, a product of moderate value is offered at moderate price.

Differentiation: In this case, selling is based on product differentiation.

Focused Differentiation: Here, a combination of high value at high prices is used. This is used when specific marketing niches are targeted.

Increased Price - Standard Product: This includes raising the product prices without any value addition.

High Price - Low Value: In this, products with low value are priced higher. It is basically a classic monopoly pricing strategy.

Low Value - Standard Price: This involves presenting a low value product at standard price.

Notably, the strategies 6 to 8 are not used much as they are not found very useful in the competitive market.

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