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China being one of the important countries of the world plays a crucial role in world's business scenario. From creating a trade set up to exploring the geographical boundaries of the country, a well worked-out presentation enhances understanding. Thus, to help you communicate your thoughts well, we have PowerPoint China Map Template. It will not just give you more power to convey your message but will also let you add more creativity to your job.

Whether you're an executive officer or a university professor or simply a college student, the template will prove helpful in every case. As you get complete editing ease and quickness in incorporating the slides into your visuals, you save a lot of time and efforts.


China officially known as People's Republic of China (PRC) is located in East Asia. It is a sovereign state and is most populous country of the world. It is world's second largest country (by land) and third largest country by (total area). Being one of the earliest civilizations of the world, it has a rich history which finds its roots in the ancient times.

With its really large territory, it offers one of the most diverse geomorphologies. China has a complex topography. Its climate differs from one region to other. It is a country with rich and diverse presence in various different areas starting from its culture and cuisine to sports and lifestyle.

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