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The Decision-Making Bundle is a collection of different PowerPoint templates having fully editable and professionally designed PPT slides. The set will help you explain the concept of decision making, discuss its pros and cons, draw decision trees, work on a road junction, and do so much more. Since the concept plays a vital role in almost every domain, professionals from numerous sectors can use it. It is an essential template for business analysts, corporate strategists, managers, and other related professionals.

It consists of:

The bundle consists of these 5 different readily available presentations.

Decision Making - 12 Slides
Decision Matrix - 11 Slides
Pros and Cons - 22 Slides
Decision Tree - 8 Slides
Road Junction - 6 Slides

  1. Decision Making template can help you explain the interrelated steps that let an individual make a final choice after considering various parameters in mind. This problem-solving activity can be implemented in almost every industry and help you bring the most out of your resources and time.
  2. Road Junction template can be used for explaining advantages and disadvantages of a process or a system. Whether you are a business owner offering vision and mission of your company to your clients or an educator explaining benefits of different career options, you can depend on the set.
  3. Decision Matrix template can be used for selecting a better way to resolve some complex issues going on in your company. It can be an important business meeting on deciding what new product to introduce or whom to hire as a new employee.
  4. Pros and Cons template can be used to weigh the positive and negative aspects of anything. It can be a new process that your company wants to start and you want your team to be aware of its merits and demerits. It can be a new marketing strategy, a business plan, and so on.
  5. Decision Tree template can be used to display all the alternative paths that you are looking forward to completing your project or task. Let your team know about all the probable results that may take place because of a particular action you take.

All these templates are entirely editable and are available in different color themes. You can pick any slide and include it in another document. Furthermore, you can alter its overall appearance and add your own content with a single click. Based on a master slide, it comes with a dedicated customer support.

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