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Decision Matrix for PowerPoint and Google Slides

Decision Matrix for PowerPoint and Google Slides

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From choosing the latest manufacturing methods to selecting suppliers for your company, decision matrix proves an incredible option. And when you have to illustrate your thoughts in a presentation, a pre-made template works the best. This is where our professionally created pre-designed PowerPoint Decision Matrix Template proves helpful in your case. Made under the guidance of field experts, the set offers most dependable visual solutions. Creative as they are, you will be most unique in exhibiting your message to your audience.

You may be in the need of selecting a better way to resolve some complex issues going on in your company. Or it can be an important business meeting on deciding what new product to introduce or whom to hire as a new employee. By incorporating the template into your visuals, you will get to make your point more effectively clear. From evaluating to prioritizing all the options that you have, this tool works extremely well and so does our pre-made template in demonstrating it.

As the template is based on vector technology, you get complete customization option. From overall layout and the background to the designing elements, you can alter every bit of the slides. So, whether you dislike a certain color or madly love a particular font style, you can always make the changes as per your needs. Furthermore, you no more have to do anything from the scratch. Nor you will have to hire an external designer to create visuals for you. Your only task will then be to work on the content and prepare what you have to speak. And within no time you will be ready to impress all and that too in a most outstanding manner!


Decision Matrix is a type of table used for evaluating all possible alternatives for a particular course of action. It is a popular decision making tool that works logically by arranging all your decision factors and assessing them on the basis of their importance. Generally, assessment is made on five grades starting from Poor, it moves on to Below Average, Average, Good, and Exceptional. It is a powerful technique to decide when you have really large number of alternatives to choose from and almost all of them are good enough to consider. Being an analytic tool, it helps you come to a more rational conclusion with complete confidence. Whenever you are struggling over which alternative to choose, it is the best way to make a choice. As it was developed by Stuart Pugh, it is often known as Pugh Method.

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