Degraffs Competing Values Framework

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Our creatively crafted set of Degraff's Competing Values PowerPoint template includes 10 fully editable professionally designed slides. Developed by experts, the set maintains a perfect balance between cutting edge aesthetics and international designing standards. Being easily mouldable, slides are completely adaptable to your needs. You no more have to face any challenges in transforming your message into visual treat for your audiences. With least of efforts, you are ready with most effective visual aids.

Degraff's Competing Values framework is known as one of the most efficient frameworks in understanding organizational culture, leadership styles, innovativeness, collaboration and effectiveness as followed by the individuals working for an organization. Used by hundreds of organizations across the globe as an important device for analyzing diversity of the members of a team or workforce. This makes it an essential part of HR, management, innovation, and leadership related presentations. Keeping in mind, exactly this need of yours, we have taken extensive care in making the set extraordinarily flexible and versatile. You can use it for any purpose whether it is for educating students at university or it is for regular official meeting and most professional presentation. Simply add your text and mesmerize all with the visual brilliance of your message.

Degraff's Competing Values Framework is a special learning system well known for its flexibility, and better scalability. Basically used for understanding the internal structure of an organization. It consists of four major quadrants that help in better analyzing the diversity of the team members by dividing them under different characteristics which are Collaborate; Create; Control; and Compete, respectively. Each of these quadrants also brings into consideration some other important aspects that an employee as an individual may have and are included under four major categories that are Internal; External; Flexible; and Focused. One can compare and contrast the strength and weaknesses of the individual team members using this framework which proves helpful in creating effective team with better leadership.

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