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Domino Effect

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From describing different processes to focusing on different strategies, our pre-designed PowerPoint Domino Effect Template is the perfect solution. Professionally created under the supervision of field experts, the set gives you total creative advantage. There is nothing that needs you to work from the scratch.

Appropriate for illustrating a variety of ideas and concepts, you can depend on the set for making your points clearer. From explaining how linked events can turn successful or fail because of interdependence to illustrating different events and their causal linkages, the set works the best.


The Domino Effect can be defined as a chain reaction that takes place as a result of a small change taking place that then results into another similar change in its vicinity. In other words, it can be described as a situation in which one event leads to a series of similar events that takes place one after another. The term came into being from the domino show that involves small rectangular shaped tiles known as ‘dominos' (used for playing games) are placed in a long line. When the first tile is toppled, it results in the toppling of the second in the line which then topples the third and so forth leading to the fall of all the tiles in the line. This demonstrates how the change in the position of the first tile results into the change in the positions of all the next tiles. This concept is used in understanding the success or failure of business strategies. A similar theory was also known to be used in politics during 1950s and 1980s that believed that if a certain region or country would come under communism, the surrounding regions or countries would also follow the suits as a result of Domino Effect.

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