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Donut Chart for PowerPoint

Donut Chart for PowerPoint

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So, you want your ideas hit hard into your audiences' mind? Who doesn't want that? But sometimes simply speaking your point just doesn't work even when you are an incredibly gifted speaker. This is where you need a visual fulcrum to uplift your message to an easily graspable level. And this is what our professionally built Donut Chart PowerPoint Template will help you do. Being pre-made, you don't have to do anything from the scratch. Otherwise, creating slides is indeed a taxing job. The set saves you from all that hard work and chaos!

Of course, the set is fully editable, but other than that, you get an extensive choice of designing elements. From colors to font style and size, you can mold everything the way you want. Whether you want to include special shapes or resize the chart, it is all up to you. The graphics are bold and picturesque. Added to this, a special care is taken to maintain the uniqueness of the set. Your message not only gets clearer but also more attractive.

The versatile set is fit for a variety of themes. Whether you are looking forward to illustrate relationships that are foundation based or want to represent organizational hierarchy, the set will suit your purpose. From explaining the stages of processes to displaying elements of a thing or analyzing evaluation and demonstrating different steps or segments, the set is dependable. As it is akin to pie-chart in its features, it will fulfill your visualization needs for which you may otherwise need a pie-chart.


Donut Chart is a kind of circular diagram identical in shape with doughnut - a ring shaped fried dough confectionery that usually has a hole in the middle. The diagram too offers a similar blank space in the middle that proves useful for inserting additional data related to your presentation theme. It somewhat resembles a Pie Chart, however, the blank space in the middle makes it different. Also, it offers better data intensity ratio compared to a pie chart.

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