First in First Out (FIFO)

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Our First in First out PowerPoint template has the concept of FIFO as its base. The template set contains 9 editable PPT slides which can be used to explain any topic either based on or, related to the concept of FIFO. 

The slides being fully customizable offer you a chance to craft this template and mold it according to your needs. You can change the font, colors, icons along with any other kind of formatting you require. The slides in this amazing template set are filled with vibrant colors and graphics which will make it easy for you to craft a presentation.

The set has been designed by our professionals in such a way that it is quick and simple for you to edit the presentation. Slides contains graphic representations and colorful diagrams to explain the logic or any procedure based on it. The precisely crafted diagrams and the use of various icons and clip arts will allow you to deliver an excellent presentation. The professional approach which has taken to design this set will save you precious time to focus on the details of the presentation rather than designing an amazing template.


First In First Out, also known as FIFO is a concept used in stack storage in computer programs. In this concept, the processes are delivered in the same sequence in the output as they were entered in the input. It is a contrary of the LIFO concept in which the sequence of output is exactly the reverse of the sequence of input. First In First Out approach based stacks are used in various sorting and searching algorithms such as bubble sort, binary search and more to eradicate the problem of excessive memory consumption.

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