Force Field Analysis

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Force Field Analysis

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Presentations are everyday thing in the present corporate scenario. It can be a straight forward problem solving session where the manager has to convey the proposed idea to the team for deciding what has to be done with a certain issue or it can be a project analysis with complete discussion of possible obstacles in the path and the ways to handle them successfully. From conceptualization of an idea to the formulation of an entire pathway to follow for reaching the expected goal, it is nothing else but an effective presentation that takes your core idea and important message to your audiences who can be anybody from your colleagues and team members, to your subordinates and the seniors.

With professionally built template comprising of complete customization option, you no more have the burden of creating the visual aids. It is a perfect blend of entertainment, graphic designing, meaningful content and awesome delivering that grabs the attention of the audience and compels their senses to grasp the maximum amount of information that the presenter tries to convey. When graphics are your weaker link and you are running short of time in combining best of the content with greatest of the layouts, it is best to choose the pre-designed PowerPoint templates and work your best with the content to get your message nailed hard into your audiences' mind. So, instead of staggering with the layouts, shapes and symbols, simply pick up our slides with easy editing and convenience of content addition and mix them up with your presentation to get ready to deliver your best!

About Force Field Analysis

Force Field Analysis is a kind of decision making technique that involves analyzing all the forces for and against a certain change that you have proposed and get a more logical picture of how good or bad your plans are on the basis of all the pros and cons. It can be used for two purposes - first, for deciding whether to go ahead and bring the change; second, for fortifying the forces that are supporting the change (also known as driving factor) and weaken those which are against it (also known as restraining factor).

Created way back in 1940s by Kurt Lewin, it was actually created as a tool for social psychological purposes. Today, it is popular in the business milieus for making and communicating the decisions better in a better way. It also plays a vital role in team building. It is a determining factor in the implementation of your proposed plan by letting you identify its practicability, the obstacles surrounding it and by suggesting actions that will reduce the effect of the obstacles that comes in your way.

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