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Why to use Customizable Gantt Charts PowerPoint Presentation Template?

You know you need them for better presentation whether for a regular discussion of an upcoming project or while explaining your points to your clients, delegates, team-members or for offering your ideas in a meeting with your manager and the subordinates. But you also know that you will have to spend hours creating your slides either by doing it yourself or by undergoing a brainstorming session with somebody who is going to do it for you.

How about giving up spending so much of time in all this and spending the same in something far more productive and useful? When all your time goes in taking up all the burden of doing the thing yourself or in brainstorming with others to make your points clear, you just don't get enough time to add up more essential details and ideas to your final presentation nor you get to un-burden your brain to think out-of-the-box and have some more fabulous plans to work on.

Thus, picking up pre-defined templates with the option for customization, you get to save a lot of time and utilize the same in improving your productivity or coming up with more useful plans and ideas. Completely editable Gantt Charts with most common setups such as weeks, months, quarters or years along with proper symbols and markings; resizable and adjustable elements and texts; and all the other important components that you need for your PowerPoint presentation not only make your task easier but also let you make things work out better and in more appreciable way.

What are Gantt Charts?

Gantt Charts are bar-chart like visual representation of project schedules along with the work completed over a certain period of time. Usually, the horizontal axis represents the time-scale and separate horizontal rectangular bars display each of the activities. The position and length of these bars indicate the starting time and length of the task respectively.

All the important elements of planning such as starting & finishing dates, slack time, critical & non-critical activities, and relationship between the predecessor and successor get indicated in these charts. In many cases, you also find small diamonds indicating milestones or events and arrows displaying the dependencies of the tasks. These dependencies have a special job to do: they identify the critical path or the longest path of the tasks involved in the project.

Invented in 1917, Henry Laurence Gantt, an American mechanical engineer and scientific-management pioneer, is the man behind this incredible way of planning and scheduling team projects visually.

Why you need Gantt Charts?

In several many conditions such as while scheduling and monitoring the tasks within a certain undertaking; while explaining the plans and the status of the activities; while communicating the steps of a process as well as the time duration involved in it; how the completion of previous tasks will affect the next list of tasks; and so on.

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