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Certain presentations require you to mark out places geographically. Say, you're an entrepreneur expanding your business across specific country, state, or city. Or say, you're shifting your headquarters to another place. Or it is simply that you're explaining various important aspects of a place - its physical boundaries, weather prognosis, or politically important regions. For each of the above mentioned reasons, map will empower your message well. Thus, we bring to you pre-made PowerPoint Great Britain (UK) Map Template. Professionally built, technically smart, it is the best thing to go for. Ready-to-use, easy to handle, the set saves you a lot of time, efforts and resources.

The slides on the set cover all the important regions of the United Kingdom. So, highlight the cities of Scotland or focus on the geographical beauty of Wales. Or simply talk about the trade policies followed in Republic of Ireland. Whatever maybe the purpose of your presentation but the slides will help you give perfect visual boost to your message. It is super easy to play around the designing elements and mold the set exactly as per your needs. So, while you work on the message part, the set will do the rest. You'll surely mesmerize all!


The United Kingdom is basically the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, more popularly known as the UK or Britain. It is a sovereign state in Europe that lies on its north-western coast and includes the island of Great Britain, north-eastern Ireland and some other smaller islands. It covers an area of 243,610 square kilometers or 94,060 square miles that makes it the 11th largest sovereign state of Europe and 78th of the world. It also enjoys being the 22nd most populous country. One of the most important countries of the world, it is notable for its financial success, trade, culture, military and success in various other areas.

It is the sixth-largest economy of the world in terms of nominal GDP and is the tenth-largest in terms of its purchasing power parity. Being one of the foremost powers of the world, it has high-income economy and is known for its high Human Development Index. It is a constitutional monarchy and a parliamentary system governs it. Offering a rich history, it is well known among the tourists. With its strong foreign relations and being a permanent member of UNSC, NATO, the Commonwealth of Nations and several other important unions such as G7,G8, G20, the OECD, the WTO, the OSCE, the Council of Europe, and so on, it has great influence over the other nations of the world.

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