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GROW Model is often identified as one of the most successful problem solving and goal setting methodologies. Initially, it was used in corporate coaching, but with its wide usage, it became a crucial part of almost every reliable business the world over. The model comprises of four key stages: Goal, Reality, Options, and Way Forward. The "options" stage is often referred as "obstacles" as well. Goal is the final-point that needs to be clearly defined by the client. Reality comprises of all the challenges and issues that exist, whereas Options are various paths that can be taken to overcome an obstacle and meet the specified goal. Lastly, Way Forward defines how the option is taken and converted to a goal.

As you can already observe, the model has a universal usage and forms an integral part of various industries all over the world. Today, the problem solving methodology is used extensively in sales, marketing, finance, healthcare, IT, and almost every big sector. From budding entrepreneur to experienced managers, everyone can take the assistance of this reliable model and meet their goals in an efficient manner. Use this readily available GROW model PowerPoint Template and educate your clients about every crucial aspect that is associated with it. 

The template set comprises of various vector-based high-definition graphics that can make your job a whole lot easier. It doesn't matter if you are a project lead, a company owner, an executive, or a Head of Department, with these well-researched and professionally designed graphics, you can certainly add something valuable to your next slideshow on this model. Not just arrow diagrams or illustrations, we have used various real-life illustrations in this set, so that you can explain this vital subject to your audience in a hassle-free way. From educators to consultants, everyone can use this set in their own way.

Available in different color themes, the template is entirely editable and can be customized in no time. Simply provide your respective data and impart a personal touch to this template. Editing it won't require a lot of your time and resources and you would be able to create a visually appealing presentation without any trouble. Easy to edit and download, it will help you create an impressive slideshow for sure.

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