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Histogram Chart

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Just to ease the process and disburden you from unnecessary taxing task, of slide creation, we bring to you ready-to-use set of slides. This deck of pre-designed PowerPoint Template of Histogram Charts will make your message effective and save all your time and efforts.

The set offers you colorful bar graphs and charts and histograms fit for visualizing any kind of data analysis and estimation. Best for presentations on marketing research, financial analytics, you can illustrate any kind of business analysis related data using the set. Themes like quality control, probability and every kind of data distribution can be easily explained through the slides on the set. Howsoever complex your concepts and thoughts maybe, creating visuals for them will no more take hours. While you work on your message, let this deck work on giving it a visual metaphor and you'll hypnotize everyone!


A Histogram Chart is basically a kind of bar chart used for representing frequency distribution, where the heights of the respective bars represent the frequencies observed. The term 'frequency distribution' is a word from statistical sciences and refers to the observed frequencies of occurrence of the values of the variables.

To put it simply, a histogram is a way to represent any kind of statistical information in the form of rectangle bars that show the frequency of data items in equal sized numerical intervals in succession. It involves plotting the independent variables along the horizontal axis and the dependent variables along the vertical axis.

Such charts prove best for the presentations involving different kinds of data distribution and other similar information.

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