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As the name implies, the Hong Kong Map is a collection of beautiful slides all of which carry the map highlighting different districts and filled with vibrant colors to mark their features.

This template set contains 15 editable PPT slides which can help you demonstrate a presentation based on business plans, resource allocations, natural resources availability or any other features of the state to your audience. All slides carry a map with each of the districts marked with boundaries. The slides can be used to mark different districts with different color codes to discuss any region specific data such as sales or natural resource abundance or something else.

You can also discuss about specific districts by marking them with color in the slides and placing text boxes in the template to present your stats and data for the specific region. Plans such as meetings and seminars in can be elaborated with ease by depicting the specific districts and travel plans and routes. All what you need to describe a plan based in Hong Kong can be easily presented with this set. The enticing color combinations used by our experts in the set will allow you to deliver a commendable and spell bound presentation.


Hong Kong is a harbor city in Southeastern China. It is amongst the most important and populated economic cities in Southeast Asia. Famous for its markets and skyscrapers, It has great economic and cultural value. Organizations and MNC's who want to expand their business in Asia often operate from Hong Kong as their center of operations in South East Asia. It is the 45th largest economy in the world and stands among the top ten countries in per capita income. With its currency being the 13th most traded currency in the world, It stands beside the important economic hubs such as New York and London.

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