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Our Integrated Marketing Communications PowerPoint template comprises of 10 editable slides which depict the topic in the finest detail possible. The process of branding is very important in business and you can rely upon this template to explain this topic to your team members or the prospective audience effectively.

The template set explains these topics with the help of beautifully designed graphics. The slides are complimented with vibrant color combinations such that it pleases the eyes of your audience and you are able to deliver a commendable presentation. The set carries figures and graphics which make it easy for people to understand the topic as well as it becomes easy for you to explain the topic to your audience. These amazing slides used in this template set allow you to cover every aspect of the topic in detail. The set can be easily converted in to a full fledged presentation with some minor changes according to your requirements. All the inferences and details of Integrated Marketing Communications have already been imbibed in the slides by our professionals.

Our experts have tried to craft this template in a manner, which will save you the time and energy and you can focus on your content. Beautifully designed slides which will allow you to deliver a splendid presentation on the topic.


Integrated Marketing Communication is the process of consistent brand messaging across both traditional and non-traditional marketing channels. The process involves promotion of the brand or business so that it reaches the prospective customers through various advertisement channels. These advertisement channels include TV, Newspaper, Social Media, Internet ads, word of mouth marketing, direct marketing, public relations, personal selling and some others. This is an important business strategy and allows to increase the reach of a product or brand and reach more customers.

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