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If you wish to draft a visually appealing and an informative presentation related to Israel, then you have come to the right place. Our experts have drafted this high-definition and entirely editable PowerPoint template of Israel maps that one can readily use. It can help you impress your overseas clients or work on a dedicated project related to this country. If your aim is to draft an informative slideshow regarding Israel, then the presentation will certainly be of a great help as well. It can be used by professionals belonging to all domains to meet their requirements in less time.


  1. This is a high-quality set having different kinds of Israel maps. You will find geographical and political maps here, made for numerous purposes.
  2. You can represent information related to the country’s demographics or simply provide weather details. It can also help you depict how the country is connected as well.
  3. All the major regions and significant locations of the country are depicted on these maps.
  4. There are also all kinds of icons, flags, and other vectors that we have separately included in the set.
  5. All these maps are entirely editable and can be customized with a single click. You can also add your own content as well to further make the appropriate changes.
  6. The maps have depicted all the major regions of Israel. If you want, you can further focus on any region by simply zooming it.
  7. The set is compatible with PowerPoint, Keynote, and Google Slides. It comes with a dedicated support as well.

Now, you can easily make highly educational presentations about this country. From focusing on its geography to various political agendas, these maps will certainly be of a great help to you. Download the set once and use it time and time again to draft visually stunning slideshows. Extremely easy to edit, these vector-based illustrations will certainly save your time and resources while drafting your next presentation.


The State of Israel is located at the southeast corner of the Mediterranean shore. It is surrounded by countries like Syria, Lebanon, and Jordon. The country is also associated with the long running Israel-Palestine conflict. While the proclaimed capital of the nation is Jerusalem, its economic and technological center is Tel Aviv. The country is the 33rd largest economy in the world with a GDP of around $370 billion.

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