Key Account Management

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We bring to you an entire set of pre-designed PowerPoint Key Account Management Template. Since the vertical is important and the concept is challenging, proper visualization is must. With our professionally built slides not only your task will get easier and less time consuming, you'll also be able to explain with better emphasis on the main points.

The set is perfect for all the related ideas and concepts. You can use it for explaining all the major components. Want to explain why it is useful to view the key account as separate entities from those associated with smaller revenues? Or want to focus on the importance of limiting the number of key account and protecting them uncontrolled or ill-handled list of account growing up continuously? Say, you want to communicate how focusing on these as institutional partners can lead to better future and innovation.


Though Key Account Management is slightly a difficult term to describe as different people defines it in different manner, yet to give it a simpler and clearer definition, one can say that it is a customer-oriented coordination unit established within a business firm or company that consolidates only the activities associated with the firm or company's very important customers. In other words it is a systematic approach of managing and growing a set of most crucial customers of any particular organization in order to maximize its mutual value as well as to achieve mutually beneficial goals.

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