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Our Last In First Out PowerPoint Presentation Template consists of 10 most attention grabbing fully editable slides. Creative and high-quality pre designed slides fit in well with all kinds of related presentations. Loaded with best of features, the set is a smart and intelligent way of conveying your message to your audiences. Set is specially designed to meet all the professional requirements of a presenter. It works in a most versatile manner and easily blends with images, film strips, or any other media that you intend to include in your slides. A rare combination of intense colors, most appealing patterns, and minimalistic background offered in the set gives your message a creative edge. You get to explain your content in a most comprehensive yet an elegant manner.

Developed by experts, you get best of illustrations, flow charts, diagrams, and related designs fit for any topic related to inventory, stock, and accounting. The set works as a perfect digital product for anyone who wants to visually explain the stock valuations that their business, company, or corporate has made, their ideas on handling account balance sheets, and so on. From regular business meetings and annual company talks to college project presentations and university research illustrations, the set will do a great job. In short, the set will prove highly useful for anyone from any walk of life with the motive of explaining their content related to LIFO methodology of stock valuation.

LIFO stands for Last In First Out. It is a specially accounting technique for handling business finances in better and smart way. The method or technique is basically used for tackling inventory related financial matters that include finished goods and raw materials as wells as any part or component that forms the part of the raw material. This technique is used at the times of high rate of inflation for balancing the accounts for inventory as well as the cost of sales. It is an assumption method which considers last produced or purchased items as the items that are sold at first.

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