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Line & Trends Charts

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Our pre-designed PowerPoint Line and Trends Charts Template will assist you at its best. From trend identification and confirmation to the illustration of change in the values over the time, this will work perfectly well. Completely editable, the slides offer you total command over the designing elements. You can handle anything from the color and background to the fonts and layout with total ease.

Adding content is equally easy and you hardly need any time to have it done. As the entire template is a result of proper research, you have most flexible and out-of-the-box design. It is best for all kinds of usage where you have to display any kind of trends over a period of time. Whether you have to present some kind of record for a time span of more than a year or display how your company stocks have been doing, you won't be disappointed!

Modern and technologically sophisticated, you can easily incorporate the slides with your presentation. They are compatible with all the versions of PowerPoint suite and you have no hassle of formatting. So, when you will be preparing for any of your important business presentations, you won't be struggling around the slides. Creating visuals will not just be easy but also a real fun thing to do! You will be done by simply adding your content and little modification. Above all, you will not just convey your message well through them but will impress your audience too!


A Line chart or graph is a kind of chart used for displaying information in the form of series of data points (also known as markers) that are connected with the help of straight lines. It is best for displaying trends over a particular amount of time. Most commonly used for showing the stock value that a certain company has made on the stock market over a period of time. The very line that shows the stock values is known as a Trend Line. It is diagonally drawn between the price pivot points. It is used while trading securities for judging the entry and exit investment timing and has an important place in technical analysis approach of security analysis.

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