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Marketing Mix PowerPoint and Google Slides Template

Marketing Mix PowerPoint and Google Slides Template

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Your marketing team is waiting for you to speak to them. You're worried about how you're going to make your message truly comprehensive and really effective? Simply incorporate our pre-made PowerPoint Template for Four Principles of Marketing Mix into your presentation and empower your message.

Whether you're a management professor at the university or a team leader at a multinational corporate, the set will suit your purpose well. From displaying your points in the form of circular charts to mentioning crucial information in tabular format, the set gives you various options. You get variety of slides with a truly extensive option for fonts, colors, icons and shapes. You can mold the slides just the way you want without the need of getting into complexity of technical know-how.

Your presentation may require you to talk about various aspects of the marketing mix. You may need to explain the logic behind selecting specific product. You may aim at illustrating how and why certain pricing structure is determined for a product and how it proves appropriate. Expatiate to your team about your promotional plans. Let your team know well about the places where your product or service will be widely available to the customers.


Four Principles of Marketing Mix or Four P's of the Marketing Mix basically comprises of the four crucial customer-driven variables that are considered essential for the market success of a particular product. These four variables include: Product, Price, Promotion, and Place. While product is what a company offers and price is the appropriate price decided for the product, promotion relates to the promotional activities used for creating awareness about the product among the target audience and place determines all the places where the product will be made available for the customers. It is one of the most important marketing tactics which actually came into being in early 1950 and was coined by Neil Borden.

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