Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

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Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

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As a manager or team leader, you often need to motivate your workforce to ensure that they give their cent percent into the work. For this, our PowerPoint Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs Template will prove a real help. First, you will not have to create the slides on your own right from the scratch. Second, it is far easier to handle. Third and most importantly, it will help you make your presentation far more effective.

Your company may organize regular meetings to discuss what your employees look to achieve from you. There can also be special sessions to help the employees to keep track of their career progression. For improving performance and making your staff give far more than they otherwise do, companies deviate from conventional managerial approach to a more people-centric outlook. So, to introduce your concept based on Maslow's theory to your staff, you may need the famous pyramid based visual aids.

With our professionally build pre-designed slides, you are always ready with best visuals to illustrate your thoughts and ideas well. Being completely editable, you can modify anything that you want. You have total command over the designing elements. And as you have the most incredible designs, your presentations are always impressive. Formatting is also not needed as the slides are pre-formatted. Your task gets easier, lesser burdensome, and quicker than ever. By simply adding your content and making slight changes, you will be all set to deliver a really hypnotizing presentation.


Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs is psychological theory given by Abraham Maslow in his paper named, "A Theory of Human Motivation," in 1943. It is portrayed in the form of a pyramid that places the largest of human needs that are of most fundamental level at the bottom and those of self-actualization on the top. Notably, this triangle or pyramid was not present in Maslow's original paper. Also, the paper was actually pertaining to psychology; however, today, it is mainly used in management theory.

There are five sets of needs that the pyramid shows. The first level or the largest level that is placed at the bottom consists of all the basic needs such as food, water, shelter, warmth. On the second level, security and safety from danger, and stability are represented. These can include the needs like good health, job security, etc. On the third, man's need of belonging to a group, trust and acceptance are illustrated. Then on the second, needs such as status, responsibility, reputation, respect and confidence are placed. And finally, on the first, it is the place for self-actualization, personal growth and fulfillment.

It is best used for motivating people toward achieving goals. Thus, businesses can use this theory in improving employee performances by helping them reach their personal growth and fulfillment.

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