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Measuring Cup

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We bring to you pre-made PowerPoint Measuring Cup Template. Ideal for variety of purposes, the slides are perfect combination of creativity and smart tech. Whether you aim at illustrating a yardstick or standard measuring benchmark, the set proves a best fit. From a typical business presentation on standardization to the one on industrial performance, you'll surely make it livelier.

Your subject may deal with chemical compositions or laboratory preparations. You may even talk about various different measurement tools. From kitchen equipment describing gallon, quart or pint to industrial measuring vessels, the slides depicts every possible amount-accessing criterion. This makes the set suitable for varied purposes. Whether you're teaching school students about different ways to check the quantity or you're speaking in a talk show on health and nutrition, the slides will do perfect justice.


A measuring cup can be defined as an instrument for measuring volume of any liquid item. These are basically used as kitchen utensils for conforming if the cooking ingredients are taken in right quantity but can also be used for other purposes. For instance, one can use them for checking the quantity for a laboratory preparation. Generally made of glass, metal or plastic, they are kept gauzy or transparent for better usage purposes. Scales are placed throughout the body that helps the user decide how much to take. Also known as measuring jugs, when they are bigger in size, these are available in varied capacities ranging from as low as 250 ml to as high as 1000ml. Special variety for dry usage are also in use specifically meant for solid items like sugar or flour, these come without any scales and simply have the marks of ¼, 1/3, ½, and so on.

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