Mediterranean Countries Map

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Our Mediterranean region Map PowerPoint template outlines the region and its countries in a topographical manner. The template set depicts all the countries around the Mediterranean Sea, and their geographical boundaries with the help 13 editable PPT slides.

The set can be utilized to deliver an effective presentation related to the region, such as tour plans, stats and data for a specific country, the climate of the region or any other topic in which the entire area is to be discussed about. You have the liberty to color different countries on the map to present the information easily. You can focus on particular countries by highlighting them in the slide in color while the rest of the map rests in gray scale. There are text boxes aligned in these slides so that you don't have to remember much data and you can carry on the presentation by simply referring the slides. All the graphics are editable and resizable. This set is sure to end up in a commendable presentation along with your orating skills and data.


The area around the Mediterranean Sea is commonly referred to as the Mediterranean Region. There are almost 25 nations which are situated in the region, collectively called the Mediterranean countries. This region has its own characteristic climate known as the climate which features hot, dry summers and mild and rainy winters. This region is diversely rich in flora and fauna and features some of the largest covers of olive trees on the planet. This area has some of the best known beaches and tourist destinations of the world.

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