Motivation Hygiene Theory

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Explain all the essential points and factors of the theory with accordance to your business set up. Highlight each of the Factors for Satisfaction including Achievement, Recognition, The work itself, Responsibility, Advancement, Growth. Focus on each of the Factors for Dissatisfaction including Company Policies, Supervision, Relationship with Supervisor and Peers, Work Conditions, Salary, Status, and Security. Express in most unique manner. Be aesthetic and innovative at your best.


Motivation-Hygiene Theory also known as Two-Factor or Dual-Factor Theory is a theory that states important factors that define the causes of job satisfaction as well as the job dissatisfaction in two different sets. Motivators are what give an employee the positive satisfaction that include several factors such as how challenging a task is, does it give recognition, does it add to the employee's achievement or personal growth, how satisfying is the responsibility involved, and so on. On the other hand, Hygiene Factors involve those factors, the absence of which may lead to dissatisfaction in the work environment. These may include job security, salary, work conditions, fringe benefits, and so on. For motivating the employees it is essential to improve or enhance the motivators and eliminate the factors creating dissatisfaction. As the theory was developed by psychologist Frederick Herzberg, it is often called as Herzberg's Motivation-Hygiene Theory.

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