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PEST / PESTEL Analysis

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Organizations often use PEST Analysis in risk management; opportunity maximization; and threat minimization as it gives a clearer picture of market potential, situation and risk. In fact, when it comes to B2B and B2C companies, it has far more significance. Thus, it occupies a valuable place in regular business presentations and creates an ample need for the related visual slides for better communication and demonstration. However, creating slides is, essentially, a time consuming job and with multitudinous other tasks at hand, it only adds to the burden.

On the other hand, with fully editable PowerPoint template, your task gets far easier than otherwise. Simply think when you have neatly designed diagrams and illustrations to support your point, how easy it is to explain your proposition in its exact sense. Whether you are to point out all the political elements hindering your business expansion to certain countries, states or cities or offer your product development plan depending upon the demographical facts; with proper visual aids to make your point clear, you have more authority to influence your audience. Other than that, you neither have to worry about right design and suitable graphics nor is there a need to sweat and slave for creating the slides at the last minute.

So, instead of going topsy-turvy over creating your own slides, it is better to select custom-made templates with easy editing option. You will simply have to add, remove or modify the elements like color, design, and font and add your text; doing this, you will be ready to present at the next meeting or delegation job - there you will be all set to hit the presentation hall to impress your audiences!

About PEST/PESTEL Analysis

PEST Analysis is a strategic management framework useful for understanding where an organization stands, what are its potentials and in which direction should it move on the basis of the growth or decline of the market and macro-environmental factors. It plays a vital role in realizing the risks associated with the market. 

Widely used an a business measurement tool, it is in the form of mnemonic where the letters in capital stand for Political, Economic, Social and Technological and deals with the effect of these factors. The letters of the acronym are rearranged in various ways after the addition of some more factors such as Ecological or Environmental, Legislative or Legal, Ethical and Demographical; these include - SLEPT, PESTEL or PESTLE (in the UK), STEEPLE, and STEEPLED.

It is easy to conduct and proves productive when used in workshop sessions. Best known for its utility in all kinds of strategic planning, it is effective in business and marketing planning, marketing research, and product development and holds an important place in brainstorming meetings.

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