Philip Kotlers Five Product Levels

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If you deal with marketing or sales, chances are that you must already be aware of the Philip Kotlers Five Products Levels. The renowned economist presented that a product can be more than just a tangible entity and can be identified in five levels. Furthermore, he explained these five product levels in detail from the perspective of the customer. According to him, the breakdown has five major parts - core product, generic product, expected product, augmented product, and potential product. From identifying the basic USP to understanding the market competition, the methodology can be used in different ways.

Now, with the help of this readily available Philip Kotlers Five Product Levels PowerPoint template, you can let your audience gain productive knowledge regarding the subject. These five levels ideally signify the value that a customer has for a given product. By adding value to a product and making it better than the expected results, you can certainly gain your customer's support. If you are a marketer, then you should certainly try to implement this methodology and make your colleagues aware of it as well. Every business relies on its products and services. In order to gain profitable results, you should definitely try to implement this reliable framework.

It doesn't matter what industry you belong to, but you can use this template set and educate others about its implication. From company owners to business analysts and marketing gurus to sales executives, everyone can use these high-definition illustrations and identify various levels of their products. The set features different kinds of editable PPT slides that will make your job a whole lot easier. Identify the basic aspects of your product and beat the competition by taking the first step of making your colleagues familiar with it.

The set is 100% editable and will surely save your time and resources. Alter these graphics as per your wishes to create a flawless appeal. These visual aids will definitely make your slideshow more appealing in no time. Choose a perfect color theme and change the layout of these graphics as per your needs. Simply provide your respective piece of information to customize the slides on the go. Save your time and efforts while giving your next presentation on this revolutionary subject.

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