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Porter's 5 Forces

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You may be interested in letting your business development team know your evaluations on the market position and competitive strength of your firm or organization; Porter's Five Forces Analysis Technique being a unique yet straightforward assessment and evaluation framework will prove useful. Understanding how important this tool is for you, we provide you with most engaging PowerPoint template based on it. When you have great observations to communicate and equally great suggestions to make, let these ready-to-use visual aids make things easier for you. Why losing on your points because of weak presentation slides?

Being a great decision making tool, you may think of using it in developing various competitive strategies, knowing the potential profitability, and improving your weaker points. But it may be difficult to present all these points in crisp and clear manner. Well, depending on pre-designed slides will make you feel lighter! With complete editing option and all the essential elements included, your task gets simpler. All you then have to do is add content, edit a bit, and head toward your meeting hall.

Your team or business partners or new investors may need to know whether or not your organization should enter a particular industry; how the competition is; what external or internal factors are going to impact the profitability; should you increase, decrease or neutralize the capacity; how dynamically the industry is seeing changes; what is the present industry life cycle stage; and so on and with really vibrant visuals you will find it more effective to explain your point. You don't just convey your points well. You actually deliver a most memorable presentation that works!

About Porter's 5 Forces

Porter's Five Forces is an amazing tool for understanding the strength as well as the current competitive position of a business situation. It works great in recognizing how strong a particular position is, into which, you are planning to move. Much loved by managers & marketers, it is a useful business & market analysis technique. Popular as a strategic tool, it is used in determining the global overview of the competitive power as well as in reviewing the market position of a business on the basis of 5 key factors more commonly known as 5 Forces. The five key factors include: Intensity of Rivalry within the industry; Threat of New Entrants; Bargaining Power of Buyer or Customers; Bargaining Power of Suppliers; and Threat of Substitute Products or Services.

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