Porter's Diamond PowerPoint and Google Slides Template

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Porter's Diamond PowerPoint and Google Slides Template

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Our Porter's diamond PowerPoint template has professional and bold slides with four way shaped diamonds which can simplify any complicated concept. Inspired by the famous Michael Porter, this Presentation template is completely editable and customizable according to your needs. While we have taken a lot of aspects in account when we chose colors and dimensions for the template set, you can totally customize it to fit your requirements.

The first few slides can help you define the 4 different interconnected concepts in diamond graphics. With these slide, you can easily show how each of them impact the situation as a whole. There is also a small provision to enter more text and information about each of the four concepts.

The last few slides are perfect for those interconnected flow charts where you want to explain a complex flow without making it look too complicated. The crisp graphics and clear arrows make it easier for anybody to understand the slides.

This template set is perfect for organizations that deal with intricate strategies every day and want the stakeholders to easily understand what exactly is going on. If you want to make your audience understand a lengthy concept but you don't want to bore them with too many slides, Porter's diamond presentation is perfect for you.

The concept of diamond model created by world renowned scholar Michael Porter. Through this concept he discussed why some industries are competitive only in some particular locations. Porter's diamond has been praised and used by several scholars over the years.

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