Porter's Generic Strategies

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Porter's Generic Strategies

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Like all the other important presentation themes, 'Porter's Generic Strategies' has its own unique identity and importance in business meetings. Thus, to help you empower your presentation based on the theme, we bring to you professionally built set of visual slides. Built by a team of experts, this set of pre-designed PowerPoint Porter's Generic Strategies Template will add more to your message and information. Ready for immediate use, the set saves a whole lot of your time and efforts.

Whether it is the quality level of your product or service or the position and profitability that you want to illustrate, the set is best for every aspect of the strategies. From emphasizing on cost leadership to illustrating differentiation and focus strategies, you can fully depend on this set. Regardless of your business and industry type, you can use the slides for visualizing source of competitive advancement in your niche and chosen market.


Porter's Generic Strategies emphasizes on the way in which any company works in pursuing competitive advantage over its chosen market. One can choose one of the three known strategies that include lower cost also known as Cost Leadership, differentiated, and focus. 'The Cost Leadership', first of these three involves minimizing the cost of delivering your products or services yet maintaining the quality. To be successful in this, you need to have access to capital needed for investments, efficient logistics, and low cost base such as work-force, materials, and facilities. The second of the strategies – 'the Differentiation' requires you to work on making your product or services more useful, unique and attractive compared to those offered by your competitors. It needs a lot of R&D and innovation. Along with the focus on improving the ability of creating and delivering high quality products or services, it also requires effective handling of sales and marketing. 'The Focus', the third and the final of the Porter's Generic Strategies that he brought into existence in 1980's needs the organizations to concentrate more on the niche market that they have chosen and understand how exactly are the customer needs of that particular market apart from having a keen understanding of the dynamics on which it works.

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