Post It Notes (Sticky Notes) for PowerPoint and Google Slides

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Post It Notes (Sticky Notes) for PowerPoint and Google Slides

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Sometimes, right in the middle of a business presentation you need to include slightly off-the-track information. Or it is some really important point that has to be highlighted with a difference. In any such cases, displaying your information in the form of popping-out-remark or special note works the best. But with your busy schedule and slurry of meetings and presentations round the corner, creating your own visuals turns out to be a hard nut to crack. This is where our professionally created pre-made PowerPoint Post it Notes Template comes handy. With most unique visualization ideas, smart and attractive graphics, your message will reach the audience at best. Not only you'll nail the information right into their mind but will also spell bind them instantly.

From mentioning important schedules and deadlines to inserting important to-do lists and project plans, the template proves perfectly dependable. It is equally great for displaying milestones or timelines or some kind of annual reports and year planning. Being most flexible and incredibly versatile, it fits well in variety of themes and suits all industry type. So, you have a quick idea or a crucial point that needs more attention? Simply add them using these post-it-notes slides and nobody will ever miss to follow your message. The set is a blend of creative designing and technological refinement. As it is vector based, each of the slides on it is fully editable. You can customize every inch of it starting from color, font and layout details to basic background and even the placement of the text. Your entire task gets curtailed to modification and text addition. And with this you are all set to impress your audience.


If you are a regular user of Sticky Notes, you know how convenient it is to have important points jotted down at a place. Or it is just like those little notes that you often leave at your breakfast table when you are in a hurry, how very helpful they are! Quick & easy way to leave an important message that really works. Sometimes your business presentation also needs you to include such smart and short messages. And visuals comprising of Post it Notes appropriately works for the purpose.

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