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Sankey Diagram

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Of all kinds of presentations, the ones which are scientific and research based, need more relevant of the visuals. Our professionally built pre-made PowerPoint Sankey Diagram Template is just the thing you need. Easy to use and handle, the set saves a whole lot of your time and energy. You no more have to create the slides from the scratch.

Most versatile and flexible in nature, the set is best fit for a variety of scientific presentations and those related to energy research. From energy accounts or material flow accounts to your concept and observation related to energy efficiency, the slides are commendable. Even for business oriented themes such as task management and business strategies and processes, you can use the set. As the slides come pre-designed and pre-formatted, your entire task gets curtailed to editing and content addition.


Sankey Diagrams are a kind of flow diagram used for graphically illustrating flows of various kinds such as that of energy, material or money. Arrows are used for demonstrating the flows and the width of the arrows are kept proportional to the quantity of the flow taking place. These diagrams are best for visualizing the transfer of energy, material or cost between the processes. Also, these prove useful for illustrating the advantages of the flows and the elements responsible for wastes and emissions.

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