Scandinavia/Nordic Countries Map

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Our Scandinavia/Nordic countries map PowerPoint template outlines and illustrates the maps of this region's countries specifically. The slides contain geographical maps of the region with the boundaries of Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Iceland marked respectively. The template set has 14 editable PPT slides which can be used to deliver a presentation on topics whose base is either Nordic or the Scandinavian Region. The set being fully customizable, you can design a presentation focused on either region by editing the graphics.

A perfect template which can deliver a presentation on the historical, geographical cultural heritage of the member of these countries. There are slides in the presentation which depict one country at a time, complimented with text boxes to present important data and facts about that country. Topics such as routes and travel destinations can be discussed with this expert designed slides.

A stupendous combination of professionally designed graphics, and vibrant colors. It will save you time and energy to focus on the data and style of your presentation rather than spending time on creating amazing presentation slides.


The countries of Denmark, Norway and Sweden are collectively referred to as Scandinavian countries which are situated in Northern Europe and share common linguistic, cultural as well as historical heritage. When Finland and Iceland and their territories are considered along with the Scandinavian countries, then these countries are collectively called the Nordic countries. These countries are situated next to the Baltic countries and share common economic and social structure, more specifically, the Nordic countries have higher Per Capita Income that its other European counterparts.

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