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SCRUM Process PowerPoint and Google Slides Template

SCRUM Process PowerPoint and Google Slides Template

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The Need of Scrum Process PowerPoint Slides

There are several things that you need to communicate during the everyday sprint meetings that form essential parts of this agile method. You and your team may need to know where and how should they proceed further; what things went right and what things took wrong direction; where you need a change or an improvisation; who is lagging behind and why; how this lag can be reduced; what are the priorities for the day or for a certain time-frame; and so on and for sharing this and several other important pieces of information a proper visual aid for your presentation is undeniably crucial.

You get to elucidate your messages to your team in far better way when you deliver them through effectively created presentation slides compared to the ones that you deliver either with haphazard visualization or without any of the visual aids. Thus, you don't just need the slides for your meetings but also need them to be created properly.

How Editable PPT Template Plays Powerful Role in Communicating Right Message?

With several many things on your 'To-Do' list and back-breaking priorities at your end, it becomes really a burden to settle down to create truly effective slides for your presentation. You don't just need to be comfortable with what you have to say but also need to know the proper elements of the slides that will convey your message most efficiently. This is where editable alternatives work the best as they give you more room for focusing on your main message as well as the brainstorming part by reducing your burden of creating the visual aids.

The editable and customizable templates work as handy tools for your sprint meetings, and other related ceremonies that occupy important place in your agile product development process. When you have professionally designed templates equipped with editable illustrations and graphics offering all the necessary elements such as the entire scrum process including the team, role of the PO and the Scrum Masters, the sprint meeting plans, the feedback improvisations to be made, and so on. These professionally created slides with possibility for editing; text addition; color, size & font change option make your task easier and presentations far more superior than otherwise.

Understanding Scrum Process

Scrum Process is defined as an agile methodology for product development. The word 'Scrum' is taken from the Rugby, where it is used as a method used for restarting the game when an accidental infringement has taken place or the ball has gone out of the play. Just the way it works in the game in bringing the play back to motion, in development, it works in reaching towards getting the work done and reach the end result. It was originally introduced by Hirotaka Takeuchi & Ikujiro Nonaka in 1986 as "a flexible, holistic product development strategy where a development team works as a unit to reach a common goal" in place of following the sequential approach as had traditionally been followed.

In 2001, the same idea was brought to light as an agile software development methodology by Schwaber and Mike Beedle.

It is an effective framework to make the teams work more collaboratively, innovatively, and creatively enhancing the overall learning, growth, and interaction among the team members leading to productivity leverage and much more.

Advantages of Scrum Process

Some of the advantages include:

  • It offers a really high degree of flexibility.
  • It improves the success probability.
  • It promotes better knowledge sharing.
  • It enhances the sense of urgency.
  • It facilitates better communication.
  • It improves over-all workability of the teams.
  • It results in better decision-making.

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